About Me

Ricardo Canales is a Chilean Psychologist and Self- taught Photographer. He has specialized in long exposure black and white photography of Seascape, Structures and Abstractions; he is particularly interested in art photography and minimalism. 


His beginnings in photography date back to approximately 2013, a period in which he begins to experiment with capturing the coastal sunsets of Antofagasta City, in northern Chile. Later, he ventures into capturing different landscapes in color. However, over time, he gets to know the work "Genesis" by Brazilian photographer Sebatiao Salgado, and is enchanted by the artist's black and white style. While continuing to acquire knowledge of black and white photography, he learned about the work of English photographer Michael Kenna, whom he now considers his main point of reference. 


In January 2019, Ricardo makes his first exhibition in the Municipal Library of Antofagasta city in Chile, called "Aquatierra", inspired by the coastal edge of the city, experience that has generated much personal satisfaction and whose work is shown on this page. Currently, Ricardo continues his learning process in photography, and hopes that it will be to the liking of all who visit this website.

Exhibition 2019 

Aquatierra is a photographic exhibition based on a personal project developed between 2017 and 2019 and inspired by the coastal edge of the city of Antofagasta.


In it the littoral is exhibited through the surrealist and dreamlike interpretation of the author, who uses for this the technique of Long Exposure (slow obturation). 

It consists of 20 photographs that were made mainly in the first and last hours of the day of the winter months to take advantage of the climatic, light and environmental factors of the season.

The event was presented in January 2019 at the Regional Library of Antofagasta, Chile. 


Honorable Mention in Landscape Category. 

"Environmental Impact"

Monovisions Photography Award 2019 (Single).  

Honorable Mention in Landscape Category.


Monovisions Photography Award 2019 (Series).  


Publication of the Slovakian magazine ILEGALIT, number 17, 2019


Publication in FEM Fine Eye Magazine, number 01, January 2020


Interview for Monovisions Online Black & White Photography Magazine, Febrero 2020